This web page will be used to chronicle my very negative experience while using the services of DWI lawyer / attorney Dane Johnson of Johnson and Johnson Law Firm (Johnson, Johnson & Baer, P.C.) in Houston, TX.

I will say that it took a lot to get me upset enough to build a website to document such an experience.

I hired attorney Dane Johnson of Johnson and Johnson Law Firm with high expectations. From the start, I was assured that he would investigate all aspects of my case. After he got a bulk of my money, I repeatedly asked him to investigate aspects of my case that he said he would. He informed me he would look into all aspects of my case to find any flaws in the evidence. He never investigated hospital records that I asked him to, and never interviewed any witnesses (save one) whose contact information I gave him. He then worked out a plea with the DA, and told me that this was "a great deal". The state didn't have strong evidence in my case, because all they had was questionable at best. So, I felt pressured into taking a plea bargain - admitting guilt to an offense I was not guilty of. He had all my money, and nothing to lose. It was not his life on the line, and he did little to protect mine - after paying him $15,000. Yes - $15,000. I can only hope that people read this review and move on to another attorney.

So - why did I take a plea????

That's a great question - Because Dane did close to nothing to investigate my case before pre-trial (Dane mentioned that if I didn't take this plea, I may lose the "deal" after pre-trial), I felt he would not adequately represent me nor do any real investigation in my case. So, I was faced with a lackluster defense in a felony trial (I was originally charged with Intoxication Assault because my passenger and I were hurt in an auto accident involving an 18 wheeler). I decided to cut my losses and take a plea - again, for a crime I am NOT guilty of. If Dane would have interviewed the witnesses that were with me that night, he could have mounted a STRONG defense. Instead, he did nothing more than absolutely neccessary to get a plea bargain. Would you want someone defending you in this manner? Think about it - it's your future on the line, and Dane walks away when it's all over.. Oh - be sure to read the contract he wants you to sign. Your only recourse is to fire him as your attorney - with no refund (entire or partial allowed). I paid a lot for a service I did not receive - where is the justice in that? He even REFUSED to do what I paid him to do.

I tried to reach Dane several times during our business together, and he would consistently not return calls (The ONLY thing I found consistent with Dane was his lack of communication). At one point, I called and left messages (daily) for two weeks straight and was promised a return call (supposedly there was a change in my case)- he wouldn't return a simple call. Instead, he insisted that I drive to Houston (200 miles) to meet with him. At that meeting, no new information was presented - it was a ploy to sit me down and tag team me with his partner to put the pressure on me to take a plea.

I have asked Dane Johnson to reply to an email asking him specifically what he did for my money, and he hasn't replied to date. I certainly paid a lot of money and expected extraordinary service. Not only did he not do most of the work he said he would, he actually refused when I asked him to do what he promised. I would gamble another $15,000 to say that I could have gotten the same or better results representing myself. I also asked him to negotiate better terms in the plea, and he didn't even do that.

 See Dane's attempt to hide the truth.

***Update*** Dane has responded to a negative review on a lawyer review site stating that I had buyer's remorse. Not true. He sat me down in a meeting and pitched a gloom and doom scenario that scared me into a plea bargain. I was not "estatic" about any part of the plea, just worn down with the frustrations of having paid a worthless attorney. I find it funny that all the positive reviews were posted after I posted my true accounting of my experience with him.

Furthermore, I had another trial in which I was awarded a HUGE settlement because the truck driver that swerved into me was put at blame. Because the emergency room at the hospital was so busy, they kept confusing myself and my friend as driver / passenger. My other attorneys (that do not even specialize in DWI matters) were able to cast enough doubt on my being at fault that I won my case. If Dane would have gone the extra distance, I am sure we could have probably won my case. He did NOT look into nor interview most of the people I gave him contact information for.

Finally, I have nothing to lose or gain by who uses or does not use Dane Johnson's services. I would look into public court records to see what the true outcomes of cases are - don't rely on his self told "success rate". It's a sales pitch, nothing more. I truly wish I had this knowledge before I paid him anything - I would have not hired him and gone with another attorney. Do yourself a favor and do some research - that's the point I am trying to make with this website.

Dane really sold me upfront, and I believed his sales pitch. He promised to deliver aggressive defense, but his performance was pathetic.

If you have an experience with Dane Johnson, I'd like to hear about it. Feel free to email me at